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Town Council to take on Developer at Dunningley Site

Morley Town Council are to represent local people again at a planning appeal from a Developer following news that a refused planning application for over 700 houses at a site in Tingley is to go to a public inquiry later in the year.  The Town Council, which took on a similar representational role at the Tingley McDonalds public inquiry in 2016, will again request to be a Rule 6 Party at the Dunningley public inquiry.

Chairman of Morley Town Council’s Planning Committee, Councillor Robert Finnigan said, “We are making a formal application to become a Rule 6 Party at the Dunningley public inquiry to be heard later this year.  If we are granted this status it will allow us to attend the inquiry and cross examine both Leeds City Council and the Developer about this proposal and put across the views of local residents.  We believe this application for over 700 houses will overwhelm local schools, roads and health centres.  Although the site is not in the Town Council area, it is on the border and will have a significant impact on those residents with the Town Council’s boundary.”

Both Leeds City Council, who refused the application, and the Developer will be represented at the inquiry by a legal team and a barrister advocate.  A Rule 6 Party generally consists of local residents and councillors who are given the same rights as both other parties during the inquiry.

Councillor Finnigan said, “We have adopted a Rule 6 Party position on public inquires at both Cottingley Springs and at the Tingley White Bear.  Although we do not have the legal resources of large developers or Leeds City Council, on both previous occasions we have convinced a Planning Inspector to refuse appeals to grant planning permission for either development.  We are hoping to bring a similar approach to the Dunningley public inquiry.”