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Town Council’s SIDs working well

Morley Town Council financed SIDs (speed indication devices) are working well according to feedback from local residents.  The devices, in place on Glen Road, Scotchman Land and Scatcherd Lane, indicate the speed motorists are travelling at and are proven to slow down drivers.

Councillor Jim Aveyard, Chairman of the Town Council’s Highways and Transportation Committee said “We have financed SIDs across Morley and we were keen to get residents views on what impact the devices have had in their communities.  The feedback from residents was generally positive, with many believing it had slowed traffic down.  Other residents believe more work needs to be done to slow traffic down.  We have taken this on board and will explore further options.”

Councillor Robert Finnigan said “The devices do two things. Firstly, they give instant feedback to driver and this often leads to a reduction in the speed they are travelling at.  Secondly, the devices monitor, on a long term basis, the speed of motorists and this data can be used for further action, such as permanent safety cameras.”

Morley Town Council are looking to roll out the SID programme to other locations, including Magpie Lane, Westwoodside in Churwell and Rein Road.