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Town Council welcomes a Fairtrade decision

Morley Town Councillors have welcomed the news that Morley is to be granted Fairtrade town status.  The news should be confirmed formally shortly and follows a year long campaign to reach the obligations to be granted Fairtrade Status, which includes the provision of Fairtrade products across the Town, a pledge from the Town Council to use Fairtrade products and the raising of awareness of the Fairtrade movement in local schools.  The award of Fairtrade Town status allows the town to confirm in correspondence and on street signs that it has been granted the designation.  Many local towns, including Mirfield, have already received the Fairtrade designation.

Councillor Robert Finnigan said “The Town Council started this campaign by passing a resolution to support an application for Fairtrade status at a meeting over a year ago.  Since then a Fairtrade Working Group, supported with a grant from the Town Council, has undertaken the work of promoting Fairtrade across the town and in schools and local church, many of who already support eh Fairtrade movement.  I would like to congratulate the Working Group, churches, schools and local traders for their work and support towards achieving this Fairtrade Status for the town.  Morley folk are renowned for their compassion for others and supporting the Fairtrade movement gives producers in the developing world a fair deal for their products.”