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Town Council to discuss waste bin improvement plan

Morley Town Council is to discuss a proposal for a waste bin expansion scheme at their next Finance, General Purpose and Strategic committee meeting.  The proposal, which would explore expanding the number of waste bins around the Morley  Town Council area, could be financed from the Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy.  The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a payment made by developers and paid to both Leeds City Council and Morley Town Council with an 85%/15% split.  Morley Town Council can use the 15% contribution it received to improve infrastructure around Morley, which includes road safety improvements, CCTV scheme and the provision of waste bins.

Leader of Morley Town Council, Councillor Robert Finnigan said “We get a lot of calls from residents to increase the number of waste bins in and around Morley.  We have discussed proposal with Leeds City Council, who have confirmed they can clean the bins if we can cover the cost of provision.  Morley Town Council is committed to using the CIL to improve community safety, improve our parks and green spaces and make our roads safer.”