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Digital Access Project welcomed by Councillors

A digital access project to support Morley residents, especially older people, to get online has been welcomed by Morley Councillors.  The project, financed by the Outer South Housing Panel, will provide training to residents to give them the skills to use the internet and to give them the confidence to get online.

Councillor Wyn Kidger said “We welcome this new project which will be operating at Newlands Methodist Church in Morley and Drighlington Church.  Many older residents feel left behind by the technology revolution and this project will aim to give them the skills and the confidence to get online.”

Similar projects have been successful across Leeds and have helped to reduce isolation many older people feel by allowing them to keep in touch with friends and relatives digitally.

Councillor Andrew Hutchison, who covers the Drighlington area, welcomed the project coming to the village.  “I am pleased that older residents in Drighlington will be offered this support to get online.  Many council services are now online, such as reporting potholes or missed bin clearances and this project will empower residents to raise their concerns directly with the council.  This project will also reduce the social isolation many older residents experience.”

The project will commence towards the end of September.