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Councillors welcome Topcliffe Lane traffic plan

Morley Town councillors have welcomed the publishing of a traffic regulation order that begins a legal process to bring a new highways plan to Topcliffe Lane in Morley.  The plan, which follows a long period of consultation with residents in the are, will now go out to formal consultation which is likely to lead to its implementation early in the New Year.

Councillor Judith Elliott said “Publication of the traffic regulation order, which is the start of the legal process to bring this plan to reality, is most welcome.  This means that, barring legitimate legal challenges, the new proposal will be implemented in the New Year.

The plan includes resident’s parking permit schemes on some of the cul-de-sacs along with limited waiting times for parking outside residents homes and an extension of yellow lining preventing parking at any time.

Councillor Robert Finnigan said “Residents have raised their concerns for many years regarding parking problems on Topcliffe Lane.  Residents report being abused by motorists parking cars on Topcliffe Lane who work on the adjacent industrial estate.  The parking on Topcliffe Lane has been so sever on some occasions that buses and emergency vehicles could not move up and own the road.  This plan will address most of these anti-social parking issues.”

The new plan should be implemented early in the New Year and a review will be undertaken six months after implementation to see if additional measures are required.