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Councillors welcome Clean Air Zone changes

Morley Councillors have welcomed changes from Leeds City Council to the proposed Clean Air Zone that have gone out to formal consultation.  The changes, which removed Morley from the charging zone, will now be considered for implementation next year.

Councillor Judith Elliott said “We fully support the introduction of a Clean Air Zone and have worked successfully over the years to clean up air quality across Morley and especially on Queen Street and on Chapel Hill.  However, Leeds City Council’s initial proposals included Morley within the Clean Air Zone, which would have meant Morley businesses having to pay a charge of up to £100 a day per vehicle for many of their commercial vehicles.  This would have added significant costs to many small and medium sized businesses across Morley who are already struggling with higher diesel prices.  The proposals being consulted upon removed Morley from this charge.”

Councillors met with local businesses and the MP’s office to raise their concerns at the earlier proposals and then lobbied Leeds City Council to make changes by taking Morley out of the Clean Air Zone charge.

Councillor Robert Finnigan said “We are already working on plans to clean up the air quality on Chapel Hill to include the re-routing of HGV vehicles and re-phasing of the traffic lights at Morley Bottoms.  We have been successful in significantly improving air quality on Queen Street and will continue to work hard to achieve similar improvements across Morley.”