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Councillors to fund reward to identify Graffiti Tag vandal

Councillors are putting up a reward to identify a graffiti tag vandal who is blighting buildings and street furniture in Morley with the name “Kez”.  Over recent weeks Councillors have received several calls regarding the graffiti tags appearing in more places.  Councillors have raised the tag issue with Morley Neighbourhood Policing Team, who are also looking into the incidents.

Councillor Robert Finnigan said “This type of graffiti has no merit and blights communities.  It is mindless and criminal damage.  This individual, who is hardly Morley’s version of Banksy, needs to be identified so we can hold them accountable for their vandalism.  A reward is being offering, not financed from public money, for information that successfully identifies this individual.  This is not street art but criminal damage that drags an area down.  Anyone with information can contact anonymously by emailing morleyboroughindependents@gmail.com or the Town Council office.

Councillors are exploring a community clean up plan to have the graffiti cleared.