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Blighted footpath to be cleared

Morley Town Councillors recently visited a public footpath at a site by the Churwell Allotments, off Hepworth Avenue by the Pit Hills in Churwell.  The public footpath has been blocked for years and has been subjected to fly-tipping over the last decade.  Enforcement staff are also investigating the fly-tipping to see if penalty notices can be served on the perpetrators, if they can be identified.

Councillor Robert Finnigan said “We visited with local Parks staff and volunteers from Churwell.  There is about ten tons of rubbish that requires clearing and we are exploring the potential to finance a JCB and skips to have this fly-tipping cleared.  We are working to get the path cleared and secured with barriers to prevent future fly-tipping.  This is a Public Right of Way and the rest of the footpath is part of a delightful countryside walk.  We aim to bring this path back into use for the benefit of Churwell residents.”