Highways & Transportation Committee

Committee Membership 2017 – 2018

Chairman – Jim Aveyard

Deputy Chairman – Lew Beever

Alison Foster

Danny Harrison

Janet Harrison

Susan McGarroch

Dennis Marshall

The main duties of the Highways and Transportation Committee are to: consider all road traffic matters affecting the town; consider matters relating to litter, street lighting, refuse collection, street cleansing and war memorials; consider public transport matters; represent to/liaise with District Council/operators and agencies as appropriate; and respond to consultation relating to all such matters.

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1.         Attendance and apologies for absence

2.         Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests

To disclose or draw attention to any disclosable pecuniary interests for the purposes of Section 31 of the Localism Act 2011 and paragraphs 13-18 of the Members’ Code of Conduct.  Also to declare any other significant interests which the member wishes to declare in the public interest, in accordance with paragraphs 19 to 20 of the Members’ Code of Conduct.

3.         To approve minutes of meeting held on 17/5/17

4.         To receive verbal report on ‘Community Cleaning’

5.         To receive verbal update on establishing of a Morley Country Way

6.         To discuss requirement for weed spraying in Town Centre

7.         To discuss Footpath Diversion Orders, as follows:-

(i)         Letter dated 12/5/17 from Public Rights of Way Section, LCC, – Morley Footpath No. 43 & 51 Geldard Road, Morley SE 2510 2859

(ii)        Letter dated 12/5/17 from Public Rights of Way Section, LCC, – Morley Footpath No. 90 off Bruntcliffe Road, Grid Ref SE 2521 2690

8.         To discuss initial proposals regarding amendments to parking on Topcliffe Lane

9.         To discuss information relating to 2017/18 Pothole Fund

10.       To discuss information from B Buckenham, PROW Manager, LCC, regarding 2017/18 P3 Grant for PROW Maintenance

11.       To discuss recent incident which took place on Elland Road, Churwell, and excessive height of kerb at Pelican Crossing

12.       To approve item(s) of expenditure, as follows:-

(i)         Invoice dated 30/4/17 from Instaplanta re. Environmental Improvements 1/4/17 to 30/4/17 for £592.08 (plus VAT).

13.       Date and time of next meeting






1.         Attendance and apologies for absence

Present: Councillors J Aveyard (Chairman), D Harrison, D Marshall, S McGarroch and L Beever.   Cllr R Finnigan,

P Robinson (Instaplanta) and W Maynard-Light (Deputy Town Clerk) also attended.

Apologies were received from Cllr J Harrison.

  1. Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests

None were declared.

  1. To approve minutes of meeting held on 15/3/17

The minutes of the meeting held on 15/3/17 were agreed as a true and correct record.

  1. To receive verbal report on ‘Community Cleaning’

            P Robinson of Instaplanta attended the meeting and gave a verbal report on the issues with litter/grot spots in Morley and horticultural work undertaken along Bank Avenue, Morley ‘Ole and Dawson Hill.

P Robinson left the meeting at this point.

  1. To receive verbal update on purchase of two Speed Indicator Devices

            It was reported that an email had been received from B Virdi, LCC, requesting clarification on which direction the indicators should face.  Members agreed that the device on Scatcherd Lane should face traffic coming into Morley, and Topcliffe Lane/Glen Road should face traffic going out of Morley.

6.     To receive verbal update on establishing of a Morley Country Way

Cllr Aveyard provided a verbal update following another walk along the route being considered.  Some of the sections of the route require remedial work to make it easily accessible.

 7.    To consider request for new benches to be sited, as follows, and agree appropriate expenditure (2016 cost for one bench with plaque was £895.85 plus VAT): –

            (i)         Cllr J Sanders – request for a bench on Victoria Road (opp. Suds Launderette).

The purchase of this bench was approved.

(ii)        Cllr D Marshall – request for a bench at top of stairs on Bank Street.

The purchase of this bench was approved.

(iii)      Mr P Wainman (Secretary, Scatcherd Park Bowls Club) – request for benches around the bowling green.

Following a discussion, it was proposed and agreed that this request should be considered later in the financial year.

  1. To discuss repair/resurfacing on Chapel Hill – Cllr D Marshall

Cllr Marshall reported that a ‘rut’ has been created between the original road surface and the recent re-surfacing work.

Cllr Finnigan undertook to speak with Highways at LCC, regarding this matter.

 9.    To discuss parking issues on Topcliffe Lane

Cllr Finnigan gave a verbal report on these issues and a proposal to place yellow lines to one side.  LCC are going through the legal process, and obtaining costings for the work to be carried out.  Members agreed in principle to consider a financial contribution, the amount to be agreed later when appropriate costings have been received. 

  1. To consider request to provide a skip at 19a Brunswick Street (Cllr J Sanders) – cost for a Maxi Skip is £165.00 (plus VAT)

            Following a discussion on the background to this request, and a site visit, members agreed to the expenditure involved in the provision of a skip.

  1. To discuss improvements being carried out at Bruntcliffe Crossroads, to consider revised proposal made by Contractor.

            Cllr Aveyard gave a verbal report on the revised proposal to combat a drainage issue that has been identified and advised members a new quote was to be submitted.

  1. To receive verbal update re. 20 mph speed limit, following recent meeting with K Speakman, Team Leader, Transport Policy, Leeds CC

            It is proposed to have a 20-mph limit within the outlined area (as shown on map circulated).  Members present at the meeting had suggested that the outline be extended, with the restriction continuing down Fountain Street to the roundabout, and left along Corporation Street.           

  1. To discuss Highways Weekly Report provided by Leeds City Council

            Cllr Aveyard proposed that members of the public should have access to view these reports via the Morley Town Council website. It was therefore proposed and agreed that a link to the LCC site be put onto the TC website. 

  1. To receive item(s) of correspondence (for information only)

There were no items of correspondence.

  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting scheduled will be agreed at the Annual Full Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday, 10th May 2017.


Morley Town Council is committed to ensuring the provision of a high standard of cost-effective and best value for money community services, which will enhance the quality of life for the residents of the area.