Finance, General Purposes & Strategic Committee

Committee Membership 2017 – 2018

Chairman – Bob Gettings

Deputy Chairman – Simon Kimberley

Chairman of Commercial Development – Roger Bell

Chairman of Highways – Jim Aveyard

Chairman of Planning – Robert Finnigan

Judith Elliott

Andrew Hutchison

Wyn Kidger

Shirley Varley

The main duties of the Finance, General Purposes & Strategic Committee are to: monitor monthly accounts including payment and revenue records; consider annual Council budgets for referral to Council for approval; authorise and monitor non-budgets expenditure up to £5,000; oversee investment accounts, taxation and excise duties, banking arrangements; approve appointment of auditors; accept gifts and legacies on behalf of the community; approve purchase, lease and rental of land and buildings.  It will also deal with strategic matters such as:-

  • Making recommendations to council regarding status of a committee/sub-committee/working group;
  • making recommendations to council re. adopting and changing Standing Orders/Financial Regulations; agreeing and/or amending Terms of Reference and their composition;
  • making recommendations to council in relation to major civic matters as thought to be appropriate;
  • monitor progress and implementation of the ‘Localism Bill’;
  • oversee council communications such as campaigns, leaflets, newsletters, press and other media, publicity and public information including website creation; lead the community planning process and develop a plan for approval by council;
  • lead and develop the council service plan for approval by council; make recommendations regarding budgetary and policy requirements for future years in relation to council plans;
  • approval of councillor training proposals.

This Committee will also oversee the planning, organisation and monitoring of regular civic functions, such as Mayor’s Sunday, Mayor’s Ball, Mayor/Mayoress’s “At Home”, and to identify any ‘one- off’ civic functions or receptions.

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1.   Attendance/Apologies for Absence

2.   Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests

To disclose or draw attention to any disclosable pecuniary interests for the purposes of Section 31 of the Localism Act 2011 and paragraphs 13-18 of the Members’ Code of Conduct.  Also to declare any other significant interests which the member wishes to declare in the public interest, in accordance with paragraphs 19 to 20 of the Members’ Code of Conduct

3.   To approve Minutes of Meeting dated 29/6/17 – copy attached

4.   To approve Financial Reports for June 2017 and Payments and Receipts Registers for June 2017 (copies attached)

5.   To receive verbal update on Proposal to Fund an Enforcement Officer (Approved by Full Council on 10/5/17)

6.   To receive verbal updated on progression of Proposed Arts Space, Windsor Court

7.  To discuss progression of Poppy Appeal Concert – 11/11/17

8.  To discuss proposal for provision of Notice Boards and associated expenditure – Cllr J Aveyard

9.  To discuss disposal of Old Town plates and cutlery

10.  To approve items of expenditure, as follows:-
(i)    Payments in respect of Salary and Pension Contributions for July 2017.

11.   To Note Expenditure under Town Clerk’s Delegated Authority (Standing Order 19e) – item for information only:-

(i)    TalkTalk Broadband fee (by Credit Card) – £28.56

(ii)   Invoice dated 6/7/17 from PF Moran Signs for £125.00 (plus VAT) re. Updating of Honour Board.

(iii)  Invoice dated 4/7/17 from Staples UK Limited for £51.23 (plus VAT) re. Stationery.

(iv)  Petty cash expenditure, as follows:-

3/7/17 – £27.00 re. laundering of tablecloths to W Maynard-Light (Civic Duties)

5/7/17 – £6.45 re. special delivery postage to K Oakley

5/7/17 – £14.40 re. mileage reclaim by Deputy Mayor

5/7/17 – £28.58 re. replenishment of Mayor’s drinks cabinet

12. To Receive Items of Correspondence (for information only)

13. Date and Time of Next Meeting





1.  Attendance/Apologies for Absence

Present:  Cllrs R Gettings (Chairman), S Varley, R Bell, W Kidger, J Elliott, R Finnigan, J Aveyard,

A Dalton and S Kimberley (late arrival).  K Oakley – Town Clerk also attended.

Apologies were received from Cllr A Hutchison.

2.   Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests


3.   To approve minutes of meeting held on 30/3/17

The minutes of the meeting held on 30/3/17 were agreed as a true and correct record.

4.   To approve Financial Reports for March 2017 and Payments and Receipts Registers for March 2017

Payments totalling £22,115.83 (excl VAT) for March 2017 were approved. The financial reports for March 2017 were received and noted.

Cllr S Kimberley arrived at this point.

5     To receive Mayoral events update
(i)            8/4/17 – Mayoress’s “At Home” – the event was deemed a success.

(ii)           Several grave side commemorations attended.

(iii)          14-16/4/17 – Morley Beer Festival opening.

(iv)          Attended Drighlington Go-Kart Event.

6     To receive verbal update on progress of proposed ‘Arts Space’, Windsor Court
Cllr Elliott gave a verbal update on progress. Metro had reaffirmed that a £20,000 contribution would still be available.

7    To receive verbal update on formulation of a Neighbourhood Plan
A verbal update was given by Cllr R Finnigan who reported a request has been made to ‘call-in’ the decision on Laneside Farm.  Cllr Finnigan therefore proposed that this item be removed from the agenda.  This was agreed.

8    To consider proposal to have a ‘Town Council’ award presented at the annual Business Awards organised by Morley Chamber of Trade & Commerce
Cllr Gettings provided an update on this item and is awaiting a response from Morley Chamber of Trade & Commerce.  Cllr Kidger undertook to find out what categories of awards are currently included.

9     To discuss items, as follows:-
(i)            Annual Full Council meeting – 10/5/17

Cllr Gettings proposed that light refreshments should be served at each Annual Council meeting, i.e. sandwiches, cakes etc, subject to maximum expenditure of £100.  This was agreed.

(ii)           Cllr Gettings reported that the carpet in the Mayor’s Parlour has been cleaned.

(iii)         A chair in the Mayor’s Parlour requires fixing.  The Town Clerk was asked to deal with this.

(iv)         It was reported by Cllr R Gettings that The Royal British Legion had asked for support from the Town Council to hold a Poppy Appeal concert to take place on 11th November 2017, and Cllr Gettings proposed that Morley Town Council supports this.  Tickets at £5 each will be sold and there will be £300 expenditure to pay as a fee for the Fire & Rescue Service Band.  It was proposed and agreed that the £300 fee for expenses be paid from the ‘Major Projects’ budget for 2017/18.

10   To discuss proposal to fund an Enforcement Officer and agree appropriate expenditure
Cllr Finnigan explained background to this item and a proposal from 3GS Enforcement Services had been sent out to members giving full information.  It is proposed that the Town Council enter into a 12-month contract with 3GS Enforcement Services for 2.5 days per week (£20 ph) to fund an Enforcement Officer to provide a comprehensive service.  Areas to be covered will be determined by the Town Council.  Income from penalty notices etc. will be deducted from charges.  (Note: Gildersome & Drighlington PC’s are looking into covering the remaining 2.5 days per week).

It was proposed and agreed that the £21,000 expenditure be taken from the ‘Major Projects’ budget in 2017/18.

The Town Clerk confirmed that this item would require ratification by Full Council at its Annual Meeting to be held on 10/5/17.

11   To discuss content of email dated 10/4/17 from D Oldham, Governance Services, LCC, regarding ‘Register of Interests Quarterly Updates’
The content of the above email was noted and the Town Clerk was asked to send a copy to all members.

12   To discuss security in Civic Buildings
The security of visitors/staff in the Town Hall was discussed and the Town Clerk was asked to request a meeting with Les Reed, to include Cllrs R Gettings, R Finnigan, J Elliott and W Kidger, as soon as possible.

13   To approve release £9,000 to Morley Town Centre Management Board included in 2017/18 budget
It was proposed and agreed that the £9,000 to Morley Town Centre Management Board, included in the 2017/18 budget be released.

14   To discuss proposed Tree Survey (Bev Kelly)
Cllr Gettings gave some background to members regarding this item.

Mrs Kelly is to identify areas where trees could be planted.  She has requested an appropriate map of the area, and will also seek local sponsorship.   Members agreed to support this initiative.

15   To approve payment of invoices and item(s) of expenditure, as follows:-
(i)        Expenditure in respect of salaries and pension contributions for April 2017

(ii)       Invoice dated 9/4/17 from Ricoh UK Ltd for £276.10 (plus VAT) re. Photocopier Use and Rental

(iii)      Invoice dated 5/4/17 from Staples UK Ltd for £38.73 (plus VAT) re. Stationery

(iv)      Invoice dated 13/4/17 from Staples UK Ltd for £16.95 (plus VAT) re. Stationery

(v)       Invoice dated 5/4/17 from Leeds City Council for £5860.00 (no VAT) re. Rent for Town Council office 1/4/16 to 31/3/17

(vi)      Invoice dated 8/4/17 from PPL for 99.19 (plus VAT) re. License for Sound Recordings

(vii)     Invoice from YLCA re. 2017/18 Membership Subscription for £2,431.00

(viii)    Direct Debit – 4/5/17 to Information Commissioner’s Office re. 2017/18 Data Protection Registration Fee for £35.00 (no VAT)

All of the above items of expenditure were approved for payment.

16   To Note Expenditure under Town Clerk’s Delegated Authority (Standing Order 19e) – item for information only:-
(i)        Credit Card – £28.45 re. Talk Talk Broadband fee

(ii)      Petty cash expenditure – Certificate Frames for Schools Music Festival £10.96

(iii)     Invoice dated 23/3/17 from YLCA for £115.00 re. Cllr C Taylor’s attendance at Planning Seminar on 25/3/17

(iv)    £200 to Neopost Limited re. Top-up Franking Machine Credit Account

Civic Duties expenditure

(i)        Invoice dated 28/3/17 from Easycare Tablecloths Ltd for £272.50 (plus VAT) re. purchase of 18 tablecloths

The above items of expenditure made under Town Clerk’s delegated authority, were noted.

17.  To Receive Items of Correspondence (for information only)

(i)      Email dated 12/4/17 from N Eastwood, Financial Management – Corporate, LCC, re. Community Infrastructure Levy         Payment April 2017

(ii)       Email and attachment 19/4/17 from YLCA regarding ‘NALC Briefing (L02-17): The Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity’

The above items of correspondence were noted.

18. Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting date will be determined at the Annual Full Council meeting to be held on 10th May 2017.



Morley Town Council is committed to ensuring the provision of a high standard of cost-effective and best value for money community services, which will enhance the quality of life for the residents of the area.