Community Development Committee

Committee Membership 2017 – 2018

Chairman – Roger Bell

Deputy Chairman – Simon Kimberley

Noel Bullock

Neil Dawson

Andrew Dalton

Wyn Kidger

Shirley Varley

The main duties of the Community Development Committee are to: consider matters relating to crime prevention and public safety; consider Morley heritage, tourism, leisure centre and public park issues; consider business, retail, voluntary and community group liaison issues; and administer Community and other grants.  This committee administers the budget for Morley entertainment with events such as the Lantern Festival, Christmas Lights Switch-on, Easter Bonnet Parade and the Summer Entertainments Programme, among others.

Application for Community Grant

An information sheet showing details of a community grant that is available to voluntary and community organisations within the Morley Town Council area can be downloaded below, together with an application form.

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1.         Attendance and Apologies for Absence

2.         Declaration of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests

To disclose or draw attention to any disclosable pecuniary interests for the purposes of Section 31 of the Localism Act 2011 and paragraphs 13-18 of the Members’ Code of Conduct.  Also to declare any other significant interests which the member wishes to declare in the public interest, in accordance with paragraphs 19 to 20 of the Members’ Code of Conduct.

3.         To approve minutes of the meeting held on 4/5/17

4.         To receive verbal report on Policing matters

5.         To discuss arrangements for:-

(i)         Morley March & Hymn Tune Contest – 18/6/17

(ii)        Pop-up cinema – 17/6/17

(iii)       Yorkshire Day – 29/7/17

(iv)       Lantern Festival and Disco – 26/10/17

6.         To consider Grant Applications:-

(i)         Grants awarded to date in 2017/18

(ii)        Grant applications:-

(a)          Churwell Community Association

7.         To approve release of funding to the following, included in the 2017/18 budget:-

(i)            Morley In Bloom

(ii)           Royal Society of St George

(iii)          Morley Murals

8.         To consider Public Question submitted to Full Council on 10/5/17 by Mr A Paver, as follows:-

“The NHS has stated that more Care in the Community is urgently needed to take pressure off the over-stretched resources of the NHS.  Would Morley Town Council actively support my proposal to have a locally administered volunteer befriending service to support vulnerable housebound members of our community?”

For information, it was agreed that this matter should be referred to Community Development Committee for further consideration.

9.         To receive items of correspondence (for information only)

10.         Date and time of next meeting



1.         Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Present:  Cllrs R Bell (Chairman), W Whitehead, J Sanders, W Kidger, N Dawson, N Bullock (late arrival) and S Kimberley (late arrival).  R Kennedy (Town Centre Manager), G Fowler (Tingley Brass Band), M Sedgley (Morley NPT), R Field (Morley & District Lions Club) and K Oakley (Town Clerk) also attended.

Apologies were received from Cllrs A Foster and S Varley.

2.         Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests

Cllrs R Bell and W Whitehead declared a ‘pecuniary’ interest in item 8(ii)(a), as they are both members of St Peter’s Luncheon Club.

3.         To approve minutes of the meeting held on 2/3/17

The minutes of the meeting held on 2/3/17 were agreed as a true and correct record.

It was agreed to bring forward item 7 on the agenda.

7.         To discuss arrangements for:-

(i)         Easter Bonnet Parade & Competition 15/4/17

R Kennedy reported that all arrangements are in place.  Six large eggs and a cuddly bunny have been donated as prizes, and there is a volunteer for Easter Bunny.

Cllrs N Bullock and S Kimberley arrived at this point.

There will be two judges for Bonnet competition and each child entering will receive an egg.   It was confirmed that Janet Foxton will provide crème eggs and hot cross buns for children.

(ii)        Morley March & Hymn Tune Contest 18/6/17

G Fowler reported that arrangements are ongoing. Nine bands are confirmed and there are three in the pipeline.   Lions ladies will be serving refreshments and there will be a reception hosted by the Mayor.

(iii)       Summer Entertainment

R Kennedy confirmed that the outdoor cinema will go ahead on Saturday, 17/6/17 on Queen Street.  There will be an LED screen erected and people attending will need to bring their own seating.  There will be a children’s film at 5:30pm and a family film at 7:30pm.

There will be some concession stands and it is hoped that shops/bars will put on offers.  Local businesses will be able to pay to advertise on the screen.

Some entertainment will be provided to celebrate Yorkshire Day on Saturday, 29/7/17, i.e. Donkeys, Punch & Judy and possibly Morris Dancers.  G Fowler was asked to check the availability of Tingley Brass Band.  A vintage car display is also being considered.

4.         To receive update on Policing matters

M Sedgley reported that internet safety in schools is currently ongoing.

Theft from vans in hotel car parks is an issue.  The way of recording crimes has changed.

It was agreed to bring forward item 8 on the agenda.

8.         To consider Grant Applications:-

(i)         Total grants paid in 2016/17

This information was noted.

Cllrs Bell and Whitehead left the meeting at this point, having previously declared a ‘pecuniary’ interest in this item.  They took no part in the discussion or vote.

G Fowler and R Field also left the meeting at this point.

In the absence of Cllr Bell, Cllr S Kimberley, Deputy Chairman, chaired the meeting for the next item.

(ii)        Grant Application:-

(a|)       St Peter’s Luncheon Club

Two representatives attended to present this application.  A grant of £350 had been requested to purchase additional crockery/glasses and a printer/copier.   Following a discussion, it was agreed to award a grant of £350.

Cllrs Bell and Whitehead rejoined the meeting at this point.

5.         To discuss CCTV matters:-

(i)         To receive update on CCTV matters from LCC

A report had been sent by LeedsWatch for the period 31/12/16 to 3/3/17.  The information contained in this report was noted.

(ii)        Members were informed that payment of an invoice from Domalarms for £348.00 (incl VAT) in respect of CCTV Maintenance in Churwell Park, had been agreed at the Finance, GP & Strategic Committee meeting held on 30/3/17.  It had been agreed that this expenditure be taken from a/c code ‘4251 – CCTV’.  This was noted and approved.

6.         To receive feedback from Schools Music Festival:-

The event went very well although it was noted that there were not as many visitors as in previous years.  It is felt that a ‘banner’ is needed for next year.

9.         To consider release of Grant (included in 2017/18 budget):-

(i)         £2,000 to Morley Lions for the 2017 March & Hymn Tune Contest

The release of the Grant of £2,000 included in the 2017/18 budget, was approved.

10.       To discuss 2017 Heritage Open Days (Thursday, 7th to Sunday, 10th September)

It was agreed that the Morley Archives Group will organise the tours on Saturday,

9th September 2017 and that the Town Council will organise refreshments, as in previous years.  The Deputy Town Clerk is to be asked to complete the registration.

11.       To note expenditure under Town Clerk’s Delegated Authority (Standing Order 19e) – item for information only:-

(i)         £227.77 (plus VAT) at Booker Limited for Refreshments for children at Schools’ Music Festival on 25/3/17.  Reclaimed by Town Clerk.  (Members to agree that this expenditure be taken from a/c code ‘4271 – Entertainment’).

The above item of expenditure was noted and it was agreed that this be taken from a/c code ‘4271 – Entertainment’.

12.       To agree items of expenditure, as follows:-

(i)         Invoice dated 23/3/17 for £583.80 (plus VAT) from Lightmedia Displays Ltd re. 30% deposit for outdoor cinema on 17/6/17.

(ii)        Invoice dated 23/3/17 for £1,362.20 (plus VAT) from Lightmedia Displays Ltd re. remainder of payment for outdoor cinema on 17/6/17.

The above items of expenditure were approved for payment.

13.       To receive items of correspondence

There were no items of correspondence.

14.       Date and time of next meeting

The next scheduled meeting will be determined at the Annual Full Council meeting which will take place on Wednesday, 10th May 2017 at 7.00 pm.


Morley Town Council is committed to ensuring the provision of a high standard of cost-effective and best value for money community services, which will enhance the quality of life for the residents of the area.